June 19, 2024

It’s not easy to find a job these days where you not only get the desired career satisfaction but also earn enough to be able to pay your bills. Even when you are clear about your passions and you have learned skills that can be transferred to other industries, it’s a challenge to have that ideal career.

If you have been trying to land a job where you are able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you should seriously consider making a career change. Think about becoming an HGV driver.

HGV driving offers excellent flexibility where professionals have the freedom to choose among a range of schedules but what makes it really stand out is the job security and reliability.

It is the right time for you to consider becoming an HGV driver. There has never been an easier time to start your career in HGV driving and have a consistent source of income. Companies involved in this business are offering better conditions than ever before due to the ongoing HGV driver crisis.

Here’s why should you should seriously consider becoming an HGV driver.

There Will Always Be Demand for Eligible Drivers in the UK

One of the best things about this job is that it’s not going to become obsolete within the foreseeable future. There is no realistic scenario where our society won’t need huge trucks and lorries for the transportation of essential items all across the planet.

Goods need to be transferred. Various products such as heavy machinery, food, and medicines require reliable vehicles for transportation. This, in turn, means that there will always be a need for HGVs and for people who can drive these vehicles.

A lot has been written about jobs being lost due to robotics and automation. However, HGV driving doesn’t have an alternative. It’s true that various automation and AI tools are slowly becoming a part of our daily life and the introduction of such tools into this industry will certainly affect your driving experience but it does not mean that there won’t be any need for HGV drivers.

Even if the technology advances to a stage where fully autonomous vehicles become a reality in the distant future, most businesses won’t be able to afford that option. Fully autonomous vehicles are never going to be cheap and most businesses won’t have enough budget to afford a huge fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Can you drive HGV with an irregular heartbeat? In the UK, the rules and regulations concerning safe driving are always changing which means human drivers are always going to be needed to keep everything safe. It’s not possible to keep updating the software system for it to be able to drive on its own.

In simple terms, you will always have job security as an HGV driver regardless of the advances made in technology.

You Will Always Make a Decent Amount of Money

Another advantage of HGV driving is that it is a career focused on skill. You will have to learn skills to be able to evaluate hazards, stay safe while driving, and operate huge pieces of machinery. It simply means that you will have to take the right training and certification to be able to work as an effective driver.

Becoming a successful HGV driver requires commitment. You need to keep working on developing your skills in order to earn the necessary certification. It also means that you will have the ability to earn a higher income level just like any other job where a specific skill set is needed.

As far as the starting salaries in the sector are concerned, it depends on your employer and location. As per the data shared by Total Jobs, an HGV driver can expect to earn around £32,500. This job also entails a wide range of benefits such as paid time off, private healthcare, and extra insurance.