May 11, 2024

It’s difficult to find a job you can count on to not just get your bills paid year after year but also to provide you with a high level of career satisfaction. Even if you are aware of the professions for which you have love and possess a variety of transferrable abilities, finding the perfect job might be challenging.

It may be time to start considering a career change if you have trouble finding a job that allows you to sleep well at night. Professionals can explore a wide range of schedules thanks to the wonderful level of freedom that HGV driving offers, but it can also be very safe and reliable employment.

Starting a profession as an HGV driver may be the simplest approach to guarantee that you’ll always have a stream of income available to you today more than before. After all, the HGV driver issue has forced businesses to make greater efforts than ever to retain their HGV drivers.

Here are some solid arguments in favor of a career as an HGV driver.

HGV Drivers Are Always Needed in the UK

Let’s start with the fundamentals: operating heavy goods vehicles is a profession that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Even if it would be lovely to picture a time in the future without the need for massive vehicles and lorries to ship necessities across the world, this is not a possibility.

In the end, we’ll always need vehicles that can transport anything from enormous quantities of goods to heavy-duty machinery (like food and medicines). This implies that we will always require HGVs and qualified drivers to operate them.

Despite recent worries that automation and robotics would “take over” particular professions, this isn’t really a possibility for HGV drivers. Your driving experience may be impacted by the AI and automation tools that are becoming a part of our everyday jobs, but not to the point where you won’t be required to drive anymore. Also, the C1 license qualifies you to drive rigid-body vehicles under 7.5 tonnes.

Even if driverless vehicles do become a possibility in the far future, it’s unclear whether they will be an inexpensive alternative for most enterprises. The development of autonomous vehicles might cost millions of dollars. The majority of businesses cannot afford to dedicate their whole budget to a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Humans will always be required to keep HGVs safe since the laws and regulations governing safe driving on UK roads are continuously changing. An HGV’s software system could not be updated continuously with the tools necessary for fully autonomous driving.

No matter how sophisticated technology gets, there will always be a need for HGV drivers.

Driving an HGV Will Continually Provide a Decent Income

HGV driving is a skill-based profession. You must develop the skills necessary to assess risks, control big machines, and drive safely. To drive safely, one must receive the appropriate instruction and obtain a certification.

You must be dedicated to honing your skills and obtaining your certification in order to be a great HGV driver. You can typically request a greater level of pay for your work, just like any profession that demands a certain competence.

Depending on where you work and for whom, typical starting salaries change. However, according to Total Jobs, an HGV driver makes an average pay of about £32,500. You may also be eligible for a range of benefits, such as additional insurance, private healthcare, or paid time off, depending on the type of work you do.

If you are searching for a new career, now is the time to consider one as an HGV driver. There are countless opportunities available and it continues to grow on a daily basis. It is one of the best careers available in very uncertain times.