April 23, 2024
Multiple white Volvo Semi-trucks on the side of road

Choosing the right career path is no easy task. Not only do you want to find work that will keep you gainfully employed for years to come, but also one that provides a good measure of job satisfaction. Even if you already know what type of work you will be passionate about, and have a high number of skills, getting your foot in a new career can seem complex.

If you have been struggling to find the right type of work and have been unsuccessful, it could be time to broaden your range of options. HGV driving is not only a flexible career with a wide range of work schedules and possibilities to suit any lifestyle, but it is also a stable and reliable line of work with great possibilities for the future.

Today, more than ever, it is a great time to begin your career driving an HGV and secure your financial plans for the foreseeable future. After all, the recent HGV driver shortage has caused companies to work harder than ever to keep their HGV drivers close at hand.

Here’s Why a Career as an HGV Driver is a Reliable Choice

The UK will Always Need HGV Drivers

Let’s begin with the most important benefits, HGV driving is not a career that will disappear shortly. While it is fun to dream of a world where goods are delivered via anti-gravity platforms powered by orange peels rather than heavy trucks, this is not a realistic solution.

So long as goods must be transported from place to place to meet the demands of markets, HGV drivers will play a crucial role in making sure everything gets where it is going. This means that everyone will need HGV drivers and even more so in the coming years when experienced HGV drivers begin to slowly retire. Now is the time to join the workforce that will step in to ensure our supply chains are not broken.

There have been concerns in recent years that certain jobs will be “taken over” by robotics and automation. But the idea of self-driving trucks is another stretch of the imagination in our present technological state. While this technology is being applied extensively in the HGV industry, this is mostly in supplemental roles; not to the extent that a human operator is obsolete.

If we were to reach the point where a self-driving HGV is invented in the next few years, the costs would be astronomical and there is not a shipping company in existence that could replace their fleet of vehicles with this type of technology.

Furthermore, the traffic laws and guidelines concerning safe driving on the roads of the UK are constantly being adapted and adjusted for the safety of motorists. This means that a human will always be needed to ensure that other humans are safe from harm. It would be highly improbable that an HGV system could be updated with the complexities needed to face every situation with the same human perspective that ensures safety.

To recap, no matter how advanced our technology gets, there will always be the need for an HGV driver.

HGV Driving Will Always Offer a Good Income

HGV driving is a skill-based profession. Drivers that can consistently avoid hazards, operate large vehicles safely, and maintain their caution on roads for many miles will advance in their careers. This will require considerable training and certification to become an effective driver and make sure it reflects in your CV for HGV driver.

HGV driving is not for everyone, it requires a considerable commitment to your skills and dedication to earning a proper certification. Like any job, HGV driving requires a special skill set and those who have a knack for applying and developing these skills will always be assured of a higher level of work and better incomes.