July 14, 2024

1. It Pays Well

According to statistics, a nanny earns an average of $45,364 annually. The number can however go higher, especially if one chooses to work full-time. Other factors, including the number of clients, employer, hours, and location, also contribute to how much you would earn per month. In addition to paying well, live-in nannies never have to worry about gas, meals, or rent. This thus gives them an excellent chance to save their money or fund other prospects.

2. No Standard Education Requirements

You don’t necessarily have to hold a degree or diploma to work or qualify as a nanny. You, however, need to be a ‘people’ person with excellent interpersonal skills to thrive in this job. This is one of the reasons many college and high school students work part-time as nannies. Some employers may prefer nannies with formal training and certification in child safety or development.

3. Flexible Working Hours

One of the perks of working as a nanny is total control of your working hours and schedule. Most employers and families offer flexible working hours and a day off for nannies, enabling them to create a suitable work schedule. It is worth noting that nannies may be required to work irregular hours and long shifts to accommodate their employer and children’s schedules. You thus want to discuss probable working hours with a potential employer before starting off.

4. Fulfilling Relationships

Nannies have one of the most fulfilling jobs today. Although they may be tasked with looking after children and the employer’s property, they develop a personal connection and relationship with the kids and parents in general. It is easy to find children that trust their nanny more than their parents. This is because they rely on, trust, and admire her, especially if she is the compassionate and loving type. Some nannies create life-long relationships and connections with the kids and even their employers.

5. Work Under Minimal Supervision

As a nanny, you will be responsible for the safety, care, and needs of the kids and elderly in the household. Many are times when you will be alone with the kids, enabling you to work independently and interact with them with ease. This means no one will be ‘barking’ orders at you, but rather you’ll be responsible enough to ensure everything is as it should be. Ensuring the children are well fed, the house clean, and healthy, you can be sure to cultivate a stronger relationship with them. Working independently also eliminates possible conflicts with other workers, as well as your employers.

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6. Work In Dynamic Environments

A nanny’s work environment can be quite dynamic. Although this may depend on your current employer and regulations, most nannies aren’t confined to the house alone. They accompany the kids to stores, recreational centers, and even parks alongside the parents. There are also times when you will be requested to attend the kids to school activities, doctor appointments, sports, and other outdoor activities. The fact that your work environment is constantly changing makes the job more appealing.

7. Lead An Active Lifestyle

Most jobs require one to work from a specific location or cubical day in and day out. Such life becomes boring and demotivating after some time. Nanny positions however allow you to move around and work your body and feet. Playing with the kids and doing other house chores is physically demanding in itself, giving you a good chance to stay fit. The best part about this is that you can choose to play with the kids inside or outside the house or even when visiting the park or beach.

8. A Chance To Travel

There are times when you’ll be requested to accompany the kids on trips and vacations with the family. Although your responsibilities remain unchanged, you still get a chance to travel with the family, an opportunity you won’t get with any other type of job. The best part is that your employer will cater to all your needs, including travel expenses. This, however mostly happens when the kids, and the employer, really love and appreciate you.

9. Play A Role In The Kid’s Lives

Although an untold fact, nannies have a huge impact on kid’s life. They play a crucial role in raising the kids, teaching them real-life lessons on the way.