May 18, 2024
Great Sphinx and Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

Egypt is easily one of the most impressive countries you’ll ever see. Egypt has so much history, there is so much to learn. Its unique geography also makes it a wonder to explore. Egypt also has different cuisine and religions that make it one of a kind. It’s a special place and you can only truly experience its wonders when you visit it. It provides an unforgettable experience.

Egyptian history is seemingly infinite. It’s easily one of the most impressive countries from a historical perspective. However, it’s even more than its rich history. It’s more than thousand-year-old pyramids. It’s one of the places that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

Where is it Located?

Egypt is located in the northern part of the African continent. It’s got part of the Sinai desert which is located in the Asian continent. The total surface area of Egypt is a staggering 1,002,450 square km. This ultimately means it’s the 31st largest country across the globe. The total length measuring from the Northern part and the Southern part is 1,024 km.

What is the Capital?

The capital of Egypt is Cairo. Its definition means, “victorious.” It is a city that was built around the Nile River. Being that city, it’s one of the largest in the entire African continent. It’s an incredibly diverse city that contains as many as 9.5 million people. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.

What are the Primary Cities in the Country?

As mentioned, Cairo is the capital. It’s easily one of the more popular. There are other cities too. Some other primary cities include Gouna, Dahab, Aswan, Alexandria, and more. There are a lot of cities that tourists flock to every year.

What’s its Official Currency?

The official currency of Egypt is known as the Egyptian Pound. The paper currency for Egypt is incredibly unique and aesthetically pleasing. However, its monetary value is low compared to the US Dollar and other currencies across the globe. The currency is typically referred to as EGP when it’s abbreviated.

What’s the Main Religion Of Egypt?

Egypt has a lot of different religions. The primary religion of Egypt is Islam. The majority of Egypt’s population is Muslim. Egypt’s population is around 90% Muslim and only around 10% Christian. The majority of the Muslims in Egypt are Sunnis. Whereas, the majority of the Christians are a part of the Coptic Orthodox church.

The Geography

Egypt, the country, is located right in the Gulf of Aqaba. Because of this, it has a lot of coastlines on both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The country also has a long river known as the Nile running directly through it lengthwise. You can experience the beauty of the river Nile with Egypt Escapes cruises. The country has borders with the Gaza Strip, Sudan, Israel, and Libya. The desert on the west features around 2/3rds of the land area in Egypt. The Western Desert is a part of the famous Sahara desert and it’s located towards the west of the Nile River’s outer banks.


The country is well-known for having some of the most ancient civilizations. You’ll find ancient monuments of the Great pharaohs and incredible pyramids spanning large areas.

There are a lot of famous monuments in Egypt including the Abu Simbel, the Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple, and more. These are only a few of the major monuments and landmarks that you can check out while you are visiting Egypt.

The Cuisine

Egypt is known to have some incredible cuisine. The cuisine you will find in Egypt is authentic. While it does have a lot of influences from other cultures like Greece, it’s unique at the same time. The majority of the dishes will feature beans, rice, pasta, and bread. A very famous dish is Koshary. This is a dish that features lentils, pasta, tomato sauce, chickpeas, garlic sauce, and onions.

One of the best foods is Tamiya. This is a food made out of bean paste. Another is the popular Molokhia which is very common and it features soup made out of leafy greens. It’s one of the staples of Egyptian cuisine.