April 23, 2024
Beautiful home design with Coffee Table, Two White Leather 2-seat Sofas, lamp, photo frames and books

You are in your new place and the moving van has left. You are there with your unpacked boxes trying to figure out what next. You have everything in place but you are not feeling at home yet. It is going to take some time before the new place starts to feel like home. There are some steps that you can take to make the new place feel like home. Below are some of them.

Checking Your Heating

Being warm and cosy makes a house feel like home. When you move to a new place, make sure you organize the home heating because it is going to make a lot of difference Electric Heating Expert can help with this. Make sure you improve insulation and also invest in electric radiators or heaters if needed so your home can be properly heated.

This sounds expensive, but it isn’t. It has become an inexpensive option because all you need is a power socket and mounting the unit to a wall. Your home is going to be properly heated during the winter months. It might reach a point where you decide to go with an all-electric system. But if you want an easy option to make your new place feel like home, then this is it.

Using Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings will make your space feel at home because it brings warmth and security to your house. If you have wooden floors, then go with a sumptuous area rug. Think of throws on beds and sofas, and also layer textures using cushions. Use shutters or blinds with curtains because they soften hard window dressings because bring the space together. Go for neutral palettes and choose Scandinavian ‘hygge’ because they make a home feel ‘homely’.

Adding Natural Finishes

Painted walls and carpets are being replaced with more natural finishes like sisal, wood floors with jute, or seagrass rugs. Panelled walls have also become popular. Exposed brickwork is also common today. A more natural look will make you feel a sense of calm.

Finding Your Home Foliage

Indoor plants are great because they bring soothing elements. Fresh flowers and plants brighten up the house, which makes it feel homely. Plants aren’t just decorative features in your house, they also make the space feel like home.

Plants are going to improve indoor air quality and absorb echoes and unwanted sounds in a large space. Indoor plants have been shown to lower stress levels. You need to restore a sense of calm the moment you move into your new home because it is what you need. Visit your local garden store when you get to your new place. Some of the popular indoor plants:

  • Weeping Fig
  • Peace Lily
  • Ferns
  • Money Tree
  • Rubber Plant
  • Tall Cactus
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

Putting window boxes on the windows can enhance the look of your home and brighten your view. You can decide to grow herbs in your window boxes or indoor herb garden. This is going to provide you with a supply of organically-grown herbs.

Think Books

Having books around your home can bring a level of sophistication and will go a long way in helping it feel like home. The books can be on a coffee table or even on a beautiful bookcase. The books are going to tell guests a lot about you. They can easily tell your interest and pastimes, places you like to travel to, and the literature you enjoy reading.

Lighting Inside Your Home

A dark and dingy place isn’t something many people enjoy being in. clean the windows and give your walls a coat of paint. This can do a lot of wonders for your home. White walls are the best because they brighten up the walls a lot.