July 14, 2024
Makeup Brush Set in Case, cosmetic cream and other beauty dupes

We all want a bit of exclusivity in our day-to-day existence, especially when it comes to skincare makeup or fragrances. But consumers all over the world are having to tighten their belts – so Chanel products (at around £65+ a bottle) might have to wait. But all is not lost.

It’s great to have the label, but if the ingredients of a cheaper product are very similar to that top-end brand there aren’t many who wouldn’t indulge themselves just that little bit – and save a significant amount of money.

Don’t suffer due to an absence of quality products on your shelf – every high-end brand that boasts incredible benefits has a competitor that is selling just about the same thing at a far lower cost.

These products are known as ‘dupes’. Reading the ingredients list or taking a close look at the appearance of the product once it’s out of the bottle most often doesn’t reveal any appreciable differences between the dupe and the highest of the high-end products. The value-for-money nature of these beauty dupes makes them the perfect stocking filler – or a reasonable autumn indulgence.

Suddenly Madame ‘Glamour Perfume’

When it comes to high-end perfumes it is hard to ignore the classic scent of one of Chanel’s most well-known creations – Coco Mademoiselle. However, make no mistake you are going to be paying a pretty penny to enjoy that signature perfume – it retails at around £86 for 50ml. That’s about average for a designer perfume – but it’s still a steep price.

You can get the same impact without breaking the bank, just visit Amazon and invest in the Suddenly Madame Glamour Perfume. It’s an incredibly balanced combination of citrus scents, complimented by exquisite floral underpinnings and a musky foundation. It is remarkably similar to the well-known Chanel creation.

Scent notes also include rose ylang-ylang, Tonka bean, and patchouli. You’ll only be paying £19 on Amazon or visit the Lidl website – you may even pick up an even better bargain (their range is also very impressive). Save the money and put it towards a night out to celebrate that wonderful scent.

Illuminating Primer from E.L.F

The Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer has a legion of fans – but the price makes it a bit of an indulgence. You can expect to pay around £40 for the privilege of wearing this high-end makeup. However, you can enjoy significant savings by purchasing the Illuminating Primer from E.L.F, which is only £9 for the little bottle (but a little goes a long way).

It is amazingly effective at filling in wrinkles and dealing with fine lines – making applying other products you’ll be applying over the Primer to really strut their stuff. your skin will feel silky-smooth and reinvigorated – the same effect as the much more pricey Charlotte Tilbury product. The E.L.F product has that subtle shimmer that lends your skin that perfect glow.

It’s very challenging to tell the difference between the two products – but you’ll be saving £31 – and that will give you an inner glow to match the outer glow provided by the Illuminating Primer from E.L.F.

‘The Ordinary’ AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Drunk Elephant may be a relative newcomer to the market, but it’s certainly made a splash with its skincare range. Fans swear by the T.L.C. ‘Glycolic Night Serum’ which has built an excellent reputation based on its claims to resurface and rejuvenate dull and congested skin. It lifts away dead skin cells to showcase the glowing new skin underneath.

However, the price may just make your skin crawl – you’ll be paying £76, that’s a hefty sum. Drunk Elephant’s serum has a magic ingredient – AHA that makes it incredibly effective. you can get the same ingredient in The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution – it’s filled to the brim with AHA. It actually contains more AHA than the Drunk Elephant product (at a fraction of the cost – £6 a bottle) – and the price and ingredients make it the perfect intensive evening skin tone treatment. You’ll be happy – and your bank Manager will rest easy.

Fifth Element Perfume

Chanel No5 is one of those classic scents that appeal to both young and old (Mom’s a fan and it’s always on her Christmas bucket list). but it is very pricey at around £86 a bottle. In the season of giving when your wallet is already taking a pounding that’s often beyond the budget.

The good news is that there is a great Dupe (available at Aldi – who would have thought?). Aldi’s ‘Lacura 5th Element’ Eau De Toilette is the budget conscious two of the pricey Chanel No5. It’s got those wonderful notes of Jasmine and Rose that have made Chanel No5 such an icon.