July 14, 2024

So you decided to go ahead and learn how to fish. Now you need to get familiar with everything that goes into fishing. There’s plenty to learn about fishing. It may look easy, but it’s much more complex than you might expect. There are plenty of ways to learn how to fish. One of them is through trial and error. However, prepping yourself for your fishing journey will yield more results quicker.

If you are looking to get into saltwater fishing specifically, there are plenty of things you’ll want to do to ease your way into the sport and learn the ins and outs. If I were tasked with helping a beginner, this is what I would start with. Aside from being enjoyable, fishing can provide you with great food such as whole smoked eel.

In this guide, we are assuming that you don’t want to pay for individual lessons. We will also be assuming you don’t have a friend that you can get with who can show you the ropes.

Get Seasick Medication

Nothing is going to ruin your day like getting seasick. If you aren’t experienced with travelling by water, you’ll want the medication ready. It’s very easy to get seasick when you aren’t used to it. A novice on the water is very likely to get sick. One of the best recommendations for this type of mediation is Bonine. It’s a very effective medication and it works for everyone I’ve taken fishing for the first time. If I go out knowing that the water is going to be rough, I even take it myself.

Read Articles

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for your fishing adventure is to read articles. You’ll find articles that have been written by expertly to ensure that you are well-prepared going into it. Once you read these articles, you will know the areas you might need to improve.

Get a Party/Head Boat

You should go ahead and spend the money that’s necessary to rent a part/head boat. These are good boats because they can hold as many as 70 anglers. They will offer you everything you need to start fishing. They’ll come equipped with hooks, sinkers, bait, rods, and reels. They will even help you fish and take the fish that you do catch off the line for you. They can tell when you are new. They will likely stay close to you during the adventure to provide you with assistance. They will do this not only to deliver excellent customer service but also to ensure that you remain safe during the trip. Take the seasick medication before you embark. You should take the pill the night before and one more as you are boarding. The head boat rentals will typically cost anywhere from $30 to $60 per day. Best of all, you get to keep all of the fish you catch. When you compare it to the cost of the boat and buying all of the equipment and supplies you need, you end up coming out ahead and you get a lot of help along with it.

Find a Pier

At this point, you should have already acquired the equipment and supplies you need. This means you’ve got and learned how to use a rod and reel. Now, you’ll need to find a pier to fish from. A lot of coastal cities have piers that you can pay to access. Some of them have piers where you can fish on a river. They usually have the tackle you can rent and they sell bait.

At this point, you may feel like you are solo. However, you can easily find a lot of experienced anglers on the pier to assist you. Many love to give advice and help newcomers out. Anglers are very friendly and they love to showcase their knowledge of the sport.