July 14, 2024


Believe it or not, boxing is easily one of the healthiest sports there is. It’s becoming increasingly popular among those looking to get into shape. It can help you optimize your metabolism very quickly.

It’s such a good thing to get into your exercise routine because it’s a total body workout. Not only does it increase your strength, but it can improve your posture, increase your alertness, improve your endurance levels, and even help with your hand and eye coordination. A boxing class typically involves either shadowboxing or punching a bag. It can be a group class or individual one-on-one instruction.


Tennis is another underrated sport for staying healthy. Tennis is such a good alternative to other sports because it requires both your upper and lower body to work in sync with one another. You need to have both speed and power to excel in it. You also need to have quick reflexes and excellent hand-eye coordination. When you play a round of tennis, you are forced to work a lot of your muscle groups. Best of all, you also have to do plenty of cardio. This can keep your heart pumping and help you burn a lot of calories in the process. There are plenty of different tennis clubs out there where you can get a quick match in.

If you are going to be using tennis for your workouts, it’s a good idea to keep a tennis racket in your car for the times you need it. It can be a great alternative to running on a treadmill. It’s not only fun but there’s a progression element to it that can make it rewarding as you continue to get better.

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Strength Training

A lot of people look to add cardio to their routines when they would equally benefit from lifting weights. Many stray away from weightlifting because they assume it’s better for increasing caloric burn. The truth is, weightlifting is just as good, if not better, at helping you burn calories. Daniel Harrod, a personal trainer, and online fitness coach notes that “cardio [burns] more calories in a workout, but it [doesn’t] help burn calories after your workout ends.” Along with this, a lot of the weight you end up losing comes from your muscles. Unfortunately, your body uses your muscles when it’s deprived of sufficient calories for energy. The biggest thing you need to focus on when you are trying to lose fat while exercising is preserving your muscle mass. This is why it’s so important to do strength training when you are looking to lose a lot of weight because it helps you sustain healthy muscle mass and burn calories at the same time. Before picking up any weights, you’ll want to discuss things with a professional. They can help you figure out the right exercises to integrate into your exercise routine for the best results.


Running is another good addition to make to your weight loss efforts. This can be a great way to get in shape without having to spend too much money. When you run, you don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is a quality pair of running shoes. According to Runner’s World, an average person that weighs 160 pounds will end up burning as much as 720 calories on a 6-mile run. Thus, it can be seen as one of the most effective and efficient ways to lose unwanted weight. It’s going to help you burn a lot of calories in a little amount of time. It’s especially effective when you combine it with strength training and dieting. As mentioned, you’ll want to invest in a quality pair of shoes when you are getting into running because it can be hard on your joints and feet if you don’t have appropriate footwear.